10 Reasons Why You Need a Creative Outlet

Did you know studies show that engaging in a creative activity actually makes us more productive? Not only that, there are so many other benefits to participating in a creative activity.

Recently, I held a virtual event and one of the activities I asked attendees to participate in was to list a reason why it was important to do something creative.  Here were the top 10:

1. It makes you HAPPY!!!  Of course it does! Do you remember art class as a kid? Wasn't it always the best part of the day (aside from recess!!). 

2. It's FUN! See point #1 - same reasons. When something is fun, it naturally makes us happy.

3. It's RELAXING. Engaging in a creative activity gives the brain time to rest and relax and go into a zone where hard thinking is not required.

4. It helps to REDUCE STRESS. There is no right or wrong way to make something creative. It is unique to you and what you find beautiful. There is no pressure to be perfect (and you should never expect perfection). The only goal is to create something that you had fun making.

5. It gives you a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT. The sense of completion is amazing. No matter what the finished product is, you feel accomplished when you complete something. Feeling accomplished, helps to set you up to do other things in your daily life and work towards other goals.

6. It provides an ESCAPE. It is a time to get fully immersed in the activity and not worry for a period of time what else is going on. Especially during these strange times, engaging in a creative activity gives you the opportunity to forget about the other things going on around you.

7. It helps you build SKILLS. It can help you with fine motor skills, visual skills, cognitive thinking skills and so many other skills.

8. It is CALMING. It's a chance to relax, breath and just take your time. 

9. It helps you PROBLEM SOLVE. Some creative activities need you to use multiple skills, materials or resources to create a project. You come up with the steps necessary to get the desired end result.

10. It gives you a connection to your COMMUNITY. Many creative activities are done with others who have similar interests. You feel like you belong to something bigger than just the activity itself. Perhaps it's a club, a Facebook Group, a class or just a group of friends gathered together (virtually or in person). You feel connected on other levels and a part of something. 

There are so many more reasons why doing creative activities can help improve your mental and physical health and help you feel better.

Try setting aside time every week to engage in a creative activity. Try something new that you haven't tried before. See how it makes you feel after.  Did you notice you are more productive in other areas of your life? Did you learn something new? Did you pick up a new skill or enhance one? Have you found other like minded individuals and now feel a part of a bigger community?

No matter the outcome, using the creative sides of our brains helps us lead a more fulfilled life.


Amber Dinda is wife, mom of two teenagers and a serial entreprenuer. She has embraced the mid life years as an opportunity to enjoy and explore all that life has to offer and not approach mid life as a crisis. You can follow Amber’s journey and experiences by subscribing to her blog and connecting with her on Facebook or on Instagram.

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