How to Easily Change Your Porch Decor From Halloween Back to Fall

Now that Halloween is over, it's time to do away with the Halloween decorations.  But it's not quite time for Christmas decor....yet.  Here is how you can easily switch up your porch decor after Halloween, back to fall for the next few weeks.

1. Double Sided Porch Sign - yes, a porch sign with a different design on each side.

All you have to do is switch it around for a whole new look.  Have an Autumn/Fall design on one side and Halloween on the other. Saves on having to store two separate signs!

Take off the spider webbing and any other Halloween accents that were around it.

2. Keep the pumpkins you didn't carve.  They will still be fine to sit outside for a few more weeks.  Adds a bit of interest on an otherwise bare porch.

3. Fall florals - hopefully yours are still doing okay.  They should still last a few more weeks.  And if you have some hay bales or corn stalks, those can stay too for a couple more weeks.

Changing up your porch decor for each season or holiday can be simple and easy to do when you utliize pieces that are multi purpose (and it saves space in your storage too!).

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