How to Make a Tiered Tray Display

Making a tiered tray does not need to be a difficult (or overly expensive) process. In fact, you can get started with things you probably already have around the house in your storage room or pantry.

First you need to make the multi level tray (if you don't already have a 2 or 3 level tiered tray).  I found 2 plastic clear trays along with some cake pillars in my storage room.  An old wine glass or candle stick also works great for the 'pillar'.

With a hot glue gun, you will want to secure the pillar/glass/candle stick to the bottom tray where desired.  Once it is glued in place, then you will add glue around the top opening and secure the top tray. With hot glue, it should be secured within a few minutes.  TIP: if you are using two trays of the same size, make sure they are centered evenly over each other with your pillar in the middle. If your top tray is smaller, you can either centre it or you can place it more towards the back giving you more open space to display on the bottom tray.

Now the fun part - decorating. First you need a theme. As it's almost Valnetine's Day, I went with a love/Valentine's theme for mine. These are great to change up with the different holidays or seasons.

Gather items around this theme that you want to include in your display. Mugs, small signs, plants/flowers, gnomes and bead garlands are all great items to include.

I decorated some signs with love themed messages. I chose surfaces that are double sided, so I can put an Easter design on the other side. Then when it's time to switch up my display, I can just turn the signs around! NOTE: this only works when placing your display on a shelf or table where it's going to be viewed from one side only.  If you are placing your tray on a kitchen island, then having something unrelated on the other side will be visable.

Arrange your items with the taller pieces/signs in the back and smaller items in front so all items are visable. Draping a garland or ribbon is a great way to accent your tray. 

There is no right or wrong way to pull together a tiered tray display. Get creative with it and have fun!  Share your displays on social and be sure to tag us with #glenabbeydecor!


Products used in this display:

~ wood heart cutouts

~ 5x5 box frame

~ 5x7 board & base chalkboard

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